Greetings! The following tools I am suggesting are not my own, and I have not asked the authors for permission to post them here. The tools are open-source however and I find them very useful. I hope you will find them useful as well.

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest » Tools
Index of /contest04/Finalists/Sebastien_Damaye
" is a script, written in Python, created in the shape of
forensicscontest (puzzle #4). It enables to analyse a pcap file and to
produce statistics about potential portscans."

Index of /contest01/Finalists/Kristinn_Guojonsson
This script reads a PCAP file and prints out all the connections in the file and gives the user the option of dumping the content of the TCP stream

Index of /contest01/Finalists/Kristinn_Guojonsson
This script reads an OFT package, which is a package created by AIM when sending files over the network (using the oscar file transfer protocol)

docxtract v0.1 :
Index of /contest02/Finalists/Franck_Guenichot
Extract files from docx document

smtpdump v0.1 :
Index of /contest02/Finalists/Franck_Guenichot
Extract some SMTP informations from PCAP files