I need help!
For about 3 days ago i installed an firewall called Outpost pro 2008(NOT CRACKED! Trail version) on a Win xp laptop, everything went perfectly and the program tells me to reboot so, okey i do that.
The computer restarts perfectly untill i log in on the computer.
The it takes about 40-80 min for the computer to log in, after that i canīt use annything on the computer besides CMD and taskmannager(so i can se all processes), if i trie to use anny of the icons on the desktop or the start menu or annything else the explorer.exe and taskmannager hangs.
So i starts to look for live cdīs that can delete the program from the computer and so far i havenīt come around anny distros that can delete annything from a Ntfs drive :'(
i have tried Trinity 3.2, Knoppix 5.1, BT2 FINAL and BT3 BETA and none of them can delete a map, only move it.
So if you know how to solve this problem WHITOUT reinstall the XP PLZ tell me.
if you have anny questions let me know.