Hello fellow members of Remote Exploit,

I would like to notify some of the admins that they should really
correct their "forumhome" template i think it is.

This is NOT ment to be there at all! It's a forum bug that happens when
you have custom styles installed like Blackrazor! It is NOT a joke and it's
definently not intended to look like that.

Here is what happened most likely as i see other minor design flaws as well.
An administrator of this site, reversed probably the "forumhome" template,
as he would thought it would be best not to have any edited templates or
he might have had another bug with it he couldn't fix, i don't know.

Keep in mind, the reason why i am posting this, is not because i want to say
that you are doing a "bad" job, or anything like that at all. No, i am telling you
because i've been looking at it for like a week now and it's really annoying to
look at a designbug which isn't ment to be there.

If you need help i think i got some of the code you need to fix it. It's all
design coding so no, it wont be "exploitable" seeing as i would be stupid to
say you would have to write f.ex. a wrong include function.
(and i ain't as silly as that, as i really do care for the BackTrack project)

PS: I am sorry for the bigger image which brings the forum a bit out of shape, sorry.)