Being the schmuck I can be from time to time I went and flashed my Orinoco card made by Agere to v8.72 in Windows. Now it will not work with some of the apps in BT2. I tried many methods to downgrade but only one I could get it to take was v6.08. The updater tells me it is this version but the Orinoco client manager says Primary Firmware is Variant 1 v4.04 and the Station Functions Firmware is Variant 2 v8.42.

I would like to get it to v6.16 so I can start using it with certain BT2 apps again without having to apply a patch in linux. When I try the updater for v6.16 I get the error: No wireless card driver found. Make sure the right driver is installed. The card works in Windows but thats it. Any help with this would be great. Is it possible to flash the firmware in Linux to the v6.16?