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Thread: Recommended Bluetooth device.

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    Question Recommended Bluetooth device.

    Hey all,

    Going shopping at some point soon, and fancied purchasing some bluetooth connectivity for my laptop and it's installation of backtrack after seeing a highly amusing video of some guy listening in on people being chatted up with a bluetooth headset as a listening device.

    However, bluejacking doesn't appear to be a widely discussed topic on here, so I was wondering what bluetooth dongle you'd recommend I buy.

    Cheap but effective would be nice, I'm not willing to spend an extra £100 for another 10ft of connectivity, but having said that, I want to be able to at least get 30-50ft for less than £40.

    Not much point sniffing for conversations when you could easily hear them clearly enough anyway :P

    So yes, recommended bluetooth dongle's for bluejacking/bluesnarfing etc.


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    Sounds like your intended purpose is an illegal one, so I don't think you're going to get any help.
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    I can see why you would of thought that, but in all honesty, I'm trying to get a security auditing company off the ground, and as part of the "package", I intended to test for social engineering, direct hacking, and testing for simple mistakes such as throwing away confidential documents without destruction of data, and poorly configured devices (IE. phones) allowing more information gathering.

    At the moment I'm just finding my feet, and charging friends and relatives a small sum to secure their networks and files. I want to move onto bigger things.

    So sorry for the confusion caused, but I am intending to use this for strictly legal purposes.
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    I'd go with one of these:

    Linksys USBBT100 Rev 1
    D-Link DBT-120 Rev C1
    DELOCK 61478
    A7 eb502-HCI
    Fujitsu Siemens BLUETOOTH V2.0
    Toshiba PA3455U-1BTM
    Aircable Host XR
    Cellink BTA-6030 Bluetooth Adapter

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