I have searched all over for an answer to this one and was unable to find one to match this problem, this is what is happening when I boot BT3 installed to usb(save changes and everything working) in any mode i have tried kde, changes,,vesa,,, it hangs for a long time on "looking for data directory" and sounds like it is searching the dvd drive for the files.(no dvd or cd in drive but it still is trying to spin) before finnaly saying "wait awhile" and finaly booting.it also hangs on shutdown,at closing files,, i cant recall the exact point, I booted the same bt3 usb on a friends laptop and it went right through "looking for data directory" and booted with no lag time. the only thing i was able to find about this had to do with the 'fatal error' message following 'looking for data' which i had already encountered and fixed, so I assume the issue is with my PC and not BT3 itself since it worked fine on my friends laptop, I am just stumped as to what is causing this long boot time, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
if this is more suited for the "HARDWARE" thread please feel free to move it there, here is my pc if this helps,
hp a6230n amd 64x2 2.8ghz..3gb ram ,,geoforce 8600 gt,,
my boot is set to USB-Hd 1st,, cd rom 2nd,,,,HP-hd, 3rd
my bt3 usb is fat32 for bt3, and ext2 with changes folder
I hope i have provided enough information