what a time iam having ? ne ways iam having an acer 4520 laptop and 64 bit amd processor. i downloaded the latest bt3 beta and tried to install through cd the writing process was well and good but when i tried to boot through cd i never got ant menu .

that is one part next i tried and copied it to pen drive this time also everthing went fine now i was happy that i could see the wonderful screen of kde and options menu when i chose and option to go through kde with backtrack as that matter any thing else it is stopping and i need to press my power button to see the stop point itself . it is stopping at nopccia point i guess

the other face of the story is that when i try the same pen drive which i used to boot my laptop and inserted into my old compaq it was fine and i could see everything coming up ????

what is this problem what should i do now to make laptop up and running with backtrack ....