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Thread: 4 instuctional Video's (updated)

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    Default 4 instuctional Video's (updated)

    Well, I guess someone liked my videos because the 2dial*Phreak forums are down due to "Exceeded Bandwidth."

    Thanks to a link pureh@te posted I have signed up at And re-made all of my videos.

    They are now .flv format and will be, from now on. Just for good browser compatibility . The sound is not choppy and the video files overall are a bit smaller.

    If you use Camtasia like we do, you can change the settings in the "flash settings" button found just under the Appearance section of the "Custom settings-> Flash part of the production. (it was a pain in te arse to find for some reason you have to choose an appearance to set the file type from swf to flv)

    Let's see.. I added more call outs to better describe what's going on in the video's and choose a different theme so the text is readable.

    Hope you enjoy.. - Trev.

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    Default will learn to ph33r Nice work trevlyn.

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    Thank again Pureh@te!

    I'm creating an open document for a methodology for "web detective hacking" for anyone to contribute. The premise will simply list all the tools and examples I have given via video above and will explain more about how to get exact extraction points from servers for media. This could also prove to be a handy during a pentest for finding crucial data in java scripts and such. I don't want to veer too far into the pentest because of the zillions of docs online already in the topic, I just want to show web hosts that their code is insecure and they are basically hosting mp3's and videos that should be copy written, as well as the pentester to get basic internal info from the scripts, html, etc..

    I will post it in its editable for and the pdf soon.

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    I just added "Cracking WPA @ Weak-Net Labs in One Second." to my pot.

    hope you guys like it!! XD

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    I added a video of net gh0st in action to my station, im not sure if anyone's interested really. I posted the script earlier in the day and someone got mad already, but if you think about it, its really nice thing, and gathers great info. I started using it at work where I have to constantly monitor things to make sure they are secure.

    here's the video:

    here's the script:

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    very nice this web

    good luck

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    nice job trevelyn

    great vids and great quality
    keep up the good work!
    looking forward to see any more of your stuff on

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    thanks trevelyn

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    Sneak peek at the NEW and IMPROVED net-gh0st version 2.0

    I rewrote the whole thing, took me about 15 hours or so.. I realize its nothing spectacular but to me, being such an absolute n00bskate at code, it's something of value. The first script I wrote was to just run a bunch of scans once I was connected so I didn't have to fool with a lot of command arguments and such.. which are, by now, burned into my brain forever.. heh. Also, I am on chapter 2 in my Perl book and can't follow the examples I just get distracted - ADD kicks in - and I can't seem to read the text.. im like that with physics books too - my eyes search immediately for the mathematics or pictures.

    anyways I am cleaning up all of my commented notes, checking grammar and checking for bugs, but I will post the code later this evening on the site: (there's just the oldest version there as of now)

    and here's the video:

    The reports are probably all I'll really use this for, I really just wanted more Perl experience than what was offered up to and not including chapter 3.

    - Trev.

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    Yes, TYVM for going to the effort to keep all that available and updated. You are a champion.
    We’ve heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true. –Robert Wilensky

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