Let me start of by telling you, that I don't join forums such as this untill I have exhausted google for help, and got no further than when I started, so here is why I make the statement in the thread title.

Windows is the best because it's just so straight forward, and it's only been in the last few days, of deciding whether or not to make the switch that I have finally realised this, and why so many people will never be converted.

I have downloaded BT3 & 2, Live CDS which I have tried to run on my Sony Vaio FZ21Z. BT2 works almost perfectly, the only thing being the wireless doesn't work & BT3 wont start Startx.

Being quite an advanced user of PCs, (can build, run ect) I took to the net to try and find solutions, only to be baffled at the hoops you have to jump thorough to install things.

"make makefile" & the like, to me, is programming and like millions of other people, are no programmer. I know what I need, and have sat in my documents in order to get my wireless card working, the problem comes when actually trying to implement an install.

Having read this forum and others, I came across this link - h**p://linux.die.net/Linux-CLI/who-would-not-want-to-read-this-guide.html
Again, this to me is programming as you are having to tell a program what to do, where as in windows you knock on the door of the program so to speak and it does what it knows how to.

A change from Windows would be nice, but from the research I have done so far, it's just way too daunting should an issue occour.