Well today i received my Ubiquiti SRX from Data-alliance that is one of the first Long Range Express Card on the market.

Me and many others have wondered how this card works with Backtrack and if it is compability with the Madwifi drivers and backtrack.

But i must declare some things first before i start, and it is that i am NOT a Linux expert, i have quite little knowledge about Linux but i am interested and learning beside my school, ive try to use Kubuntu and Linux everyday when i need my computer becouse i like the challenge.

Okey so lets start the Review.

The Ubiquiti SRX card is a very small card "34", and comes with an antenna. In the package is a MiniCD with the drivers to Windows, dont know if there is Linux drivers but i suppose that it should be enough with the Madwifi drivers?
There is not much more to say about the package becouse that is the only thing that was in it. But it is enough

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Well is Ubiquiti Compitabel with backtrack then? Here i will list all problems i have found.
NOTE: Only tested with BT3 beta Live CD.

1. Problem - Kernel problem?

I put in the Ubiquiti card in the Express Card slot, start the computer and run the live CD. Everything is going well until i get the mysterious error:
Bank 0: b20000400000800
Bank 5: b200121020080400
Kernel panic - not syncing: CPU context corrupt
Then Backtrack 3 Beta Live CD "hangs up" sorry bad english but it just frozen! And i have restart the computer.

My Questions to the Linux experts:
1. Why is this happen?

Is there anyway to get around this?
Well i figured out away to get it work, a very mysteries way but it works!
Now listen carefully, directly after you seen in the boot:
Auto configure IP adress for ath0: /sbin/dhcpcd -t 60 ath0 &
Auto configure IP adress for eth0: /sbin/dhcpcd -t 60 eth &
Auto configure IP adress for wifi0: /sbin/dhcpcd -t 60 wifi0 &
And then wait until the linux kernel has been loaded and then put it in.
And then it "kinda" works, more problem is coming up!


2. Problem - Cant connect to my router

When i try to connect to my router with ath0 (Ubiquiti SRX) is just says cant connect, but i can find the network that is in my area.

My question to the linux experts
Do u have any tips how to resolv this?


I shall update this review as fast i can, but i really appreciate help from YOU that maybe have some tips to make it work.