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Thread: Code for Install Wireless Drivers

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    Default Code for Install Wireless Drivers

    Ok. I'm somewhat ok with linux, but im not really that comfortable with it's command console like I am with windows and apple, but anyhow I'm trying to run BackTrack of a LiveCD and it won't detect my wireless drivers (Intel 3945ABG). So I found drivers for it listed here: h**p://

    Anyhow, If anyone can help with or knows a good tutorial that can guide me along with the commands need to install these drivers that would be great. I have searched this forums and a few others and can't seem to find much help.

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    Your search skills are pretty poor then I'm afraid. If your using backtrack 2.0 the option to load the drivers is in the kde menu under Backtrack>802.111>misc> load 1pw3495.

    If your using backtrack 3 beta the drivers are in the same menu location however you will need to visit the backtrack wiki in order to get the menu fix.

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