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Thread: INSTALL to USB stick

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    Default INSTALL to USB stick

    I keep finding tutorials on how to install BT to different medias but never a full install onto a usb stick. I tried using a tutorial on how to install it onto a usb hard drive so I guessed the same steps should apply right? I tried it and it didn't work.

    I have a usb stick with the LIVE version of BT3 Beta on it which works fine as a live 'disk' but I would prefer a full installation. There must be a few other people wondering about this and I just wanted to find out if anyone has done it or knows how to do it. I would be extremely grateful if someone were to write a short guide as to how to do this. If you do know, could you please also let me know which format the USB stick should be formatted with?

    All help is appreciated

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    This is the tutorial you are looking for. I think its for BT2, but it works the same way.

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    Dear Parody,

    I have encountered the same problem like you. However, recently I received my copy of Penteration Tester's Open Source toolkit Volume 2. I found a section there on how to install to USB. And it worked. Follows is the steps:
    1.Format Your USB using windows.
    2.Extract BT2.ISO to your USB root folder.
    3.Download the file
    4.Extract to the root of your USB.
    5.Start > Run > cmd.exe
    6.Navigate to your USB drive.
    7.Run fixs.bat
    9.Extract this file to any location on your harddisk (C:\) as an example.
    10.Start > Run > cmd.exe
    11. Go to where you extracted syslinux file.
    12.Type Syslinux (your USB driver letter) G: as an example.
    13.Make sure you BIOS is set boot from your usb.
    14. Vaiolaaa, you are booting from USB

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    There's a real step-by-step tutorial on my blog. It may be a little too step-by-step, but if you follow it, it'll work.


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