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Thread: Seat (search Engine Assistant Tool)

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    Default Seat (search Engine Assistant Tool)


    I have been playing with SEAT on bt3 but it also works on my bt2. I think it would be a good addition to BT, there are loads of options to play with. Check out the video's for some of its usage.

    Documentation is available here

    Videos are here

    very easy to download and install
    tar -jxvf seat-0.2.tar.bz2
    cd seat
    seat (nice gui)

    I have added it to kmenu under information gathering/search engine/seat just i little something extra to play with in BT.

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    This is really nice i have to try this out and see if it's something i would use on a regular
    basis and if not then i still think it's cool you posted that here I am not 100% sure if
    it's something that i should use but without trying it i cannot say if i think it's good or not
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    yep i was thinking of integrate that in order to replace my nessus module in ezpawn

    as well with an openvas one
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