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    hi everybody,
    i am trying to test fasttrack on my local wireless network.
    i have turned off the firewalls to try a exploit on my other PC wich has the port 139, and 135 open.
    the problem is that i have no idea about how the exploit work and the only tutorial i found talk about fast track.
    i request your help to make give me a tutorial to test fasttrack on my local network .

    thank you guys

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    Please post your questions in the appropriate areas. Thread moved to the n00b section.

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    1. First update all your stuff (and i mean everything FastTrack uses)
    2. If it's WiFi make sure you are connected to it.
    3. Search on the forum, the wiki, google, anywhere

    I'm sure you should find some kind of guide and if not i'm sure you don't
    have to use automated hacking allways...
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    check the tutorials & guides section as well as the programming section with the fast track thread.

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