I get the cilent for my network but when i try to deauth it i don t get the handshake i tried deauth 100 times

This is the screen shot of the command given above which is when i lock on to my network:
airodump-ng -c 11 -w psk --bssid 00:18:4D:17:A5:98 rausb0

Screen shot for locking on:

Then i aireplay my network sending it into 100 times deauth still not handshake screen shot bellow and command:

aireplay-ng -0 -100 -a 00:18:4D:17:A5:98 -c 00:18E:9A:EF:38 rausb0

Screen shot aireplay:

It wont let me add the screen shots so juz add me and i giv u the screen shots: z-a-in@hotmail.co.uk thanks