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Thread: Installing Tibia on Backtrack 3 Beta

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    Default Installing Tibia on Backtrack 3 Beta

    well i want to play some Tibia when i run the Live CD on my computer

    But i really dont know how to install it

    It is this file:


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    Hmm, if it's a source file you might have to configure and compile it first.
    make && make install
    But why would you play tibia from a live cd? The BackTrack CD isn't ment
    to be played games on except if you're going to play tetris in SSH or something
    else like that. ( i tend to do that when i'm bored )

    PS: To play windows games try cedega. (it supports directx)
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    Cedega is nice, althought I've never tried it out in BT. In ubuntu I can Play Counterstrike Source and some other steam games pretty good actually. Veddy nice!
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