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Thread: Kismet "Suspicious Client" question

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    Default Kismet "Suspicious Client" question

    Okay I searched around a bit and found out what the "Suspicious Client" alert in Kismet means, but I can't figure out why its happening with this certain client. The computer in question is a windows XP machine and is connected to a wireless network that acts like a hotspot (it has a login page and uses many APs). I wanted to show this person airpwn so I tried and it didnt work. I figured I was using the wrong AP so I decided to find out which AP he was on using kismet. I ran it and checked the clients list for each AP (all use the same essid) and his MAC didnt show up on any list. Then later I noticed his MAC was given as the suspicious client and that it was probing networks but not participating. At the same time tho he is shown as connected in windows and is loading webpages, checking email, etc.

    Can anyone tell me why this is?

    Also his machine is about 5ft away from me so I dont think range is an issue.

    *edit* When I say acts like a hotspot i mean it acts like a hotspot, not IS a hotspot. I was trying to show the attack to a net admin at my uni. and the wifi here is done using a hotspot like connection so that they can track if users are trying to download torrents and things like that. Its not like a pay type thing or anything and this attempt was/is purely educational


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    Just a small warning to try and choose your words carefully when asking about "other " peoples networks because from your post it sounds like you are trying run airpwn at a wifi hotspot.

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