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    Ok guys,

    Backtrack 3 is genius. This wiki is not.

    The generic login doesn't work. Individual logins don't allow edits either. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of making a wiki? Admins- I'm sure you're much more intelligent than this shows.

    Here's feedback that should go on the wiki - but can't because of the above problems.

    WORKING HARDWARE - BT3 beta live CD

    -- Macbook core 2 duo (Laptop) --
    (intel T2500 core 2 duo processor @ 2GHz)

    Laptop network card is an Atheros AR5006X

    Everything works beautifully when running aireplay-ng manually. Airoscript doesn't work properly unless things are pre-configured manually. Details for configuring the ath0 device properly are listed below. I found it odd that the atheros card functions very differently than the rausb0 D-Link WUA-1340 driver.

    The atheros card is seen as wifi0. When "airmon-ng start wifi0" is run, the ath0 is started in managed mode. To stop it, run "airmon-ng stop ath0". To use macchanger, first disable the ath0 device, then use "ifconfig wifi0 down", then "macchanger --mac 00:01:02:03:04:05 wifi0", then restart the ath0 interface using "ifconfig wifi0 up" and "airmon-ng start wifi0".

    Injection works fine for networks with high strength, though I have some problems with injection where the AP strength is lower.

    No more keyboard problems with BT3.

    -- D-LINK WUA-1340 (USB) --

    Working with BT3.

    Warning: REALLY shitty range & REALLY shitty signal strength. Macbook internal atheros card can inject/crack networks that the WUA-1340 can't even see. Injection works, and strangely the WUA-1340 can see some networks that the atheros can't see, though with very low strength (yes, I tried moving the device around & testing in LOTS of orientations). The signal strength is reported with different units than for the atheros, so I can't compare numbers directly.

    I wouldn't suggest this d-link card to anyone, unless you absolutely can't afford anything else.

    This card uses the interface "rausb0". To enable use "airmon-ng start rausb0", to select channel & speed use "iwconfig rausb0 channel 6 rate 54M". To use macchanger, first do "ifconfig rausb0 down", then "macchanger --mac 00:01:02:03:04:05 rausb0", then "ifconfig rausb0 up".

    -- note: wifi0 versus ath0 versus rausb0 --

    I'm not entirely sure why things are designed in this way, but the macbook atheros card shows up as two interfaces, wifi0 and ath0. The D-Link WUA-1340 shows up as a single interface, rausb0.

    When using the rausb0, all commands are used in the way that is expected.

    When using the atheros card, stop the ath0 interface "airmon-ng stop ath0", disable the wifi0 interface "ifconfig wifi0 down", configure the faked mac using the wifi0 interface "macchanger --mac 00:01:02:03... wifi0", enable the wifi0 interface "ifconfig wifi0 up", then use airmon to start the ath0 interface "airmon-ng start wifi0".

    -- Macbook atheros howto --

    How to get the atheros card to work:

    1. first disable the interface using:
    airmon-ng stop ath0

    2. enable the interface in monitor mode using:
    airmon-ng start wifi0

    3. find your network using:
    airodump-ng ath0

    [You should get a response like the following, and then push control-C once you see the network you want:

    CH 11 ][ Elapsed: 1 min ][ 2007-12-26 22:37

    00:15:A0:01:C1:05 13 37 0 0 6 54 WEP WEP linksys]

    4. stop the atheros interface using:
    ifconfig ath0 down

    5. reconfigure the atheros interface to the channel (CH = 6) and rate (MB = 54) used by the target AP (essid = linksys, BSSID = 00:15:A0:01:C1:05) that you found in step 3:
    iwconfig ath0 rate 54M channel 6

    6. start the atheros interface using the new settings:
    ifconfig ath0 up

    7. record the signals from the AP (-w is the filename for saving the information, -b is the target bssid):
    airodump-ng -w linksys_data -b 00:15:A0:01:C1:05 -c 6 ath0

    8. get data faster by running aireplay-ng attacks then use aircrack-ng to get the password.

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    Not only is this post in the wrong place I don't really care for your attitude. We had one problem on one day with the wiki and you want to say we should be smarter.

    post moved to its own thread.

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