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Thread: Nessus in BT3 USB

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    Question Nessus in BT3 USB

    Ok, so i hate the money grubbing bastards at tenable as much as the next guy (i miss the old days free as in free beer, free as in free speech). But you gotta admit they have you by the balls in terms of a semi-free licensed vulnerability scanner with regular updates. So my goal of the minute is to incorporate nessus into my usb install of bt3beta. And i had a few questions:

    A) Persistent changes mode, will that cover me if i install something along the lines of nessus? [i have a fifth grader understanding of persistent changes]
    B) Should i approach this a different way rather than a simple nessus install update? (ie i know not the first thing about bundling software into slax, but im sure a quick google could help [\im writing on a forum so you mean i actually have to look something up on my own....sheesh lol]

    Also, anyone know of any other good updated vulnerability scanners (please lets leave gfi languard out of this as i hate the product).

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