I've seen allot of websites having video tutorials, and uploaded them to YouTube or any other website that has restrictions to the video width and height. Which makes it hard to read what's really happening, or being typed in a terminal for example. Next to those websites you have file sharing websites like rapidshare.com. Perfect! But download restrictions....
And you must have the space on your hard disk to download it.

So i'm thinking to start of a video tutorial hosting website.
The main idea is less restriction to the width and height so for example: 800x600 - 100MB max. (This can be done by choosing the correct file type and the video quality)

And maybe a premium option, that allows higher resolution and bigger files.

Some main features i'm thinking about:

-> Public / Private Video's / Password Protected
-> Video Comments / Rating
-> Publishers have full access to there video's and are allowed to remove / disable comments.

Any other suggestions are welcome
Please share your thoughts about this idea, good? bad?