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Thread: BT3 and mediadirect

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    Default BT3 and mediadirect

    Hi all i am trying to install BT3 to my hd along side vista and dell media direct. I have searched around to see if anyone had attempted this and from what i can see no one has.

    Anyway i am following the tutorial on the wiki by muts, as there is no qt parted in bt3 i used disk management in vista to make a partition for backtrack. So all together i have 4 partitions on my hd.

    Dell Utility sda1

    Vista sda2

    Backtrack sda3

    Media direct sda5

    So when i get to the part of the tutorial where muts looks at all the partitions on the drive i get a very different result to what he does.

    I dont have a clue where to go from here I have tried the following command.

    bt ~ # fdisk /mnt/sda3

    But when i try to create a new primary partition i get the following error.

    All primary partitions have been defined already!

    If anyone can help me out id appreciate it.

    Thanks walls

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    You could always d/l qtparted and install it.

    Be sure and use a 64M ext2 filesystem partition, make a 1024M swap partition, and large 4Gig + reiserfs partition as well.


    I take it that dell utility is a recovery partition for Vista?? If so, it MUST be deleted.

    (use fdisk /dev/sda...then hit d to delete ...pick sda1 since its your utility partition..........then repeat for every other partition EXCEPT for your Vista delete that, and you'll have to reload your Vista OS.)

    Only 4 partitions are allowed per HDD I believe.

    Now use fdisk again and follow muts video this time to the letter with your newly installed qtparted.
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