Hey guys,

This belongs in the bt3beta parent topic, but for some reason I didn't have privileges to post there? I figured Newbie Area was the close second.

So here's my issue:

I downloaded the USB version of the BT3 beta. I ran the bootinst.bat on my Vista machine. The installation was successful, and everything worked without problems. It said the device was now bootable.

However, I have been unable to select it as a boot device (I tested it on 3 machines). No luck on my Intel Macbook, an XP machine, or my Vista machine. I tried wiping the drive and doing it all over again, to no avail.

I've searched the forums, read the wikis, and tried not to be stupid about this (I hate wasting people's time!). Maybe I missed something? Sorry if this is a stupid question...I did put it a substantial amount of research!