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Thread: New Wifizoo Video tutorial

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    Default New Wifizoo Video tutorial

    remember to set up your proxt settings, and download a new version of
    (the one in the repos for Ubuntu 7.10 wasn't new enough for me)
    hope you guys like it, "fire it up..."

    - trevelyn.

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    I thought you clicked "Jump To xx.xx.xx.xx" ? You're like the Cookie Monster, Look at all those cookies sheesh.

    What hardware was this? 1 wifi card and one ethernet?
    I felt like bending the bars back, and ripping out the window frames and eating them. yes, eating them! Leaping, leaping, leaping! Colonics for everyone! All right! You dumb*sses. I'm a mental patient. I'm *supposed* to act out!

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    dude, I love cookies. I love cookies and cake and anything yummy. The only cookie I really needed was the one that showed me look at the thread really.

    Here's the scenario: I was using TightVNC to my MacBook that runs Ubuntu from a Windows Box. The Ubuntu machine was connected via ethernet yes and was sniffing with my built in Atheros Based Airport card. I am still using an older stable version of Madwifi-ng r2717 i think it is.. When i Ran wifizoo over the VNC connection the packets you immediately see are from the VNC itself. (you don't see those running the Wifizoo from your box directly) Then on the windows box I was connected to the WLAN (unencrypted mind you) with a WUSB111 version 2.8 (prism2 but that doesnt matter). I have many machines at Weak-Net but mostly connected with 1 LCD monitor and a 4 port USB KVM switch.

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    can someone re up the video

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    thank you trevelyn

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    You show rock's Trevelyn, can you tell us what the music's is/are?
    <EeePc 1000HA BT4/W7 USB boot Alfa500 GPS BlueTooth>

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    Web Detective Hacking episode 1:
    EKP - houman ison fille gurmo Ger dig nanting

    Web Detective Hacking episode 2
    Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Future (Violet Remix)

    WPA cracking in 1 second
    dschinghis khan - Moskau

    Wesside-ng at Weak-Net Labs:
    Ferry Corsten - Watch Out from L.E.F.

    WiFizoo Cookie Sniffing:
    Eddie Halliwell on Radio one.

    thanks for the compliment

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