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Thread: No data from AP

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    Default No data from AP

    Great Forum... I've been lurking around for a few days and finally decided to join.

    As the title suggests... I'm getting no Data from target AP.

    I've successfully cracked an AP with client
    I've successfully cracked a clientless AP using Xploitz Vid tutorial (Thanks Xploitz!)

    realtek RTL8187
    Target AP - D-Link

    The Problem:
    Trying to crack a clientless AP (wep)
    Successful in a fake association
    Used various attacks, including -3 and -5
    However it reads packets but gets no useful packets due to the AP never transmitting "Data". Waited a long time but Airodump always shows Data as 0

    I've done some research but can't find any information on this. Hope someone can help.

    This is my first post, hope its in compliance with the forum rules. Thanks. Cookie Monster

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    Did some more searching... Could the no data be because of the AP turned on but not connected to anything? I.e. wired or wireless client as well as an internet source

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