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Thread: hellsing : vuln test

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    Default hellsing : vuln test

    Hellsing is a utility designed for attacking web applications. It supports
    multiple vulnerabilities through use of a configuration file (see
    hellsing.conf for examples). Support for HTTP and HTTPS are built in.
    Virtual Host support is also built in.

    Attacks are built in the configuration file using format strings to specify
    paramaters that should be replaced by useful values (passed via cmdline).
    Attacks can be sent over HTTP or HTTPS and have support for encoding routines
    which will convert your format string arguments (attack values) to useful
    string sequences (ie: converting all characters to be chr(<decimal>)
    concantinated together). Cookies are specified via the configuration and can
    also have format strings embedded in them.

    [0] example_target
    [1] phpbb_2.0.15_cmd_execution
    [2] scart_2.0_cmd_execution
    [3] THoRCMS_1.3.1_remote_file_include
    [4] TUFaT_FlashBB_1.1.5_remote_file_include
    [5] Minerva_2.0.8a_remote_file_include
    [6] PHP-Nuke_All_version_remote_file_include
    [7] Blend_Portal_1.2.0_remote_file_include
    [8] phpBB_2.x_(Activity_MOD_Plus)_remote_file_include
    [9] Foing_7.0 remote_file_include
    [10] PafileDB_remote_file_inclusion
    [11] phpRaid_remote_file_include
    [12] phpBB_auction_mod_remote_file_inclusion
    [13] Knowledge_Base_Mod_for_PHPbb_remote_file_inclusion
    [14] Advanced_GuestBook_for_phpBB_remote_file_inclusion
    [15] TopList_phpBB_plugin_remote_file_inclusion
    [16] com_trade_remote_file_inclusion
    [17] MiniBB_Forum_1.5a_remote_file_include
    [18] Advanced_Poll_2.02_remote_file_inclusion
    [19] Com_Multibanners_remote_file_inclusion
    [20] New_Article_Mambo_Component_1.0_remote_file_inclus ion
    [21] Calendar_Mambo_Module_1.5.7_remote_file_inclusion
    [22] ListMessenger_0.9.3_remote_file_inclusion
    [23] PHP Event_Calendar_1.4_remote_file_inclusion
    [24] perForms_1.0_remote_file_inclusion
    [25] Flipper_Poll_1.1.0_remote_file_inclusion
    [26] ScozNews_Final-Php_1.1_remote_file_inclusion
    [27] SQuery_4.5_remote_file_inclusion
    [28] PrinceClan_Chess_Mambo_Com_0.8_remote_file_inclusi on
    [29] PHP_Live!_3.2.1_remote_file_inclusion
    [30] MoSpray_Mambo_Component_18RC1_remote_file_inclusio n
    [31] Mam-Moodle_Mambo_Component_alpha_remote_file_inclusion
    [32] PHP_Forge_3_beta_2_remote_file_inclusion
    [33] iManage_CMS_4.0.12_remote_file_inclusion
    [34] Mambo_Joomla_repository_3.25_remote_file_inclusion
    [35] TinyWebGallery_v1.5_remote_file_inclusion
    [36] PgMarket_2.2.3_remote_file_inclusion
    [37] Cwfm_0.9.1_remote_file_inclusion
    [38] phNNTP_v1.3_remote_file_inclusion

    have phun...
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    ::as igor drags the body off to his small corner of the world to have his phun....::

    Thank you mashtar....

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