I remember when installing lilo I had a few warnings such as

Warning: the boot sector and map files are on different disks

I also remember I got one that went something like

Warning: LBA32 location assumed
or something like that

any help?

also when it booted, it used to say L 99 99 99 99 99 and so on but now it's 07 07 07

I'm runnign the liveCD and tried to edit my lilo configuration, and after editing it and running lilo -v and everything, it still won't boot.

Any way to manually fix this before I go ahead and format and reinstall it? that's kind of a last resort (cause it takes time)

i went and checked and lilo.conf saved on my hard disk when I rewrote it to get vista running, too (read the thread on it)

maybe somethings wrong with the boot sector?