Ok, time to dip from the proverbial knowledge pool. Im trying to focus on learning bluetooth cracking (yeah im a dee-de-dee but i think i want to try to develop something along the lines of kismet for bluetooth sniffers). However, in an effort to be at least semi-cutting edge from 2006, i'm trying to get into FPGAs. I would hop on the whole Pico E12 or E16 bandwagon, but i think i left my $1000 bucks (899 for the e12) in my other pants.

I've been looking at Spartan E3 starter kit (retails at the low low price of $149.99) www .xilinx.com/products/silicon_solutions/fpgas/spartan_series/spartan3e_fpgas/index.htm

But due to lack of true knowledge of the hardware out there i'm left with a few questions:

All the fpga tools on bt3 (winzipcrack, wepcrack, cowpatty,etc) that harness fpgas, do they need just the e12, or e16? OR can a guy get any FPGA and go to work?

If all fpgas are not created equal, is there a term that will help me in my searches for the proper (read CHEAP) fpga? I'm not even 100% sure the E3 is in the same realm as the e12 and e16s from PICO.

If anyone has any experience with the E3 let me know as im frothing at the mouth to order it. If an E12 gets 9,000,000/s key attempts and a p4 gets 150,000 if i could even get 3 or 4,000,000/s from the cheapo E3 i'd be happy.

Thanks in advance. God i love this forum.