The taskbar changing colors could be from your attack. I noticed that when I ran autopwn against my xp box that the victim box got extremely slow, and sometimes very unstable. I think that this is due to the buffer overflow attacks that are being attempted against the vulnerabilities that were found with the initial nmap scan in autopwn.

I don't know of any way to undo the fast-track update...maybe reinstall it...not sure.

The meterpreter session is different than the command prompt. It has built in scripts that you can run through commands that make your life easier. I'd recommend becoming more familiar with meterpreter.

Once you have an "msf>" prompt, type "sessions -l -i". This should show you all of the sessions that you have AND which exploit was used against the box. You can then open up Metasploit by itself and reuse the exploits that are listed here. Doing so will give you a session, which you can double click on to get a C: prompt.

There may be an easier way to do this, but this way will work for getting a c: prompt.


The command is "sessions -l -v", not "sessions -l -i"