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Thread: firefox goes back when i scroll too fast

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    Default firefox goes back when i scroll too fast

    its kinda weird and annoying...firefox goes back when i scroll too fast on my touchpad scrollbar. i dont really know how to give any error reports for this because it really doesnt do anything other than just go back a page. depending on how many pages ive visited its pretty random how many times it will go back, and once it goes back a few pages and stops it wont do it anymore. like i said its really random and might just be my laptop being stupid, but it didnt happpen in bt2.

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    I got the same problem too but haven't had any luck solving it.
    If you find out how, please notify ..
    But I'm pretty certain the answer lies here
    (digit it into the url bar in firefox)
    , just haven't had enough time to solve it.
    - Poul Wittig

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