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Thread: Making a user that has the root appearance BT4

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    Default Re: Making a user that has the root appearance BT4

    While as pureh@te mentioned we do not intentionally try to discourage people from using BT, we do always try to advise that one should use the distro for it's intended purpose. I have a smoothwall box and would never put some sort of "haxoring" tool on it and intentionally use it as such. It makes no sense. As for creating another forum well that might not happen.
    We don't necessarily want to or have time to monitor those threads. Not to mention as has been stated there is already a plethora of information available on the net for basic linux if anyone wants to look and learn.
    But that itself is the biggest problem. Pureh@te also mentioned on the old forum most people will come here and not bother to really search, post a question maybe get an answer or two and either have success or give up using BT all together. And that suits us just fine. So before you go and dedicate a huge amount of time developing some sort of "series of guides" take a look in the member section and look at the amount of registered users vs posts they make. You will see that the majority will follow the above statement and as such you would really be wasting your time. The thread I made ( in regards to being new to linux and BT) is really a collection that we can paste for others to find the answers. All of the links that I have added I personally went through and made sure that they are 1. easy to follow and 2. pertain to basics of linux with the focus being on the ubuntu flavor.
    Now on the other hand those of you/ us that use linux daily or who want to learn will not need those basic guides and if we do we will bother to actually search for them and not depend on people to feed us the answers. Further as I mentioned above ( as per my talks with dev team the focus here should be on BT and not those basics that can be found everywhere else. We had before ten guides each on getting BT installed in some fashion and how to "crack wep" and this only adds to the confusion.

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    Default Re: Making a user that has the root appearance BT4

    @ skinnypuppy: Thanks for the backup and suggestions. As for my thought on "ramping people up", the idea and intent was to train using the BT distro, get people accustomed to the filesystem layout, crappy KDE, break the Windoze mentality and teach what is needed to be able to follow other guides for the tools included with BackTrack. I have a "learn-per-use" kinda attitude toward things - I don't see a point in learning every tool included in the distro (or every tool on the net for that matter) just learn what tool you need to do the job, and know about the tool and how it works before you use it.

    @ Archangel.Amael: When you lay it out like that, it's hard to argue against. I had read over your post a few times, and it does make a lot of sense, but seems to me to be very hands-off, like we aren't interested in teaching new people. After having "solved" a lot of the simple issues myself already, I can understand (and kinda have to agree with) the reason behind the hands-off angle. It's time consuming and frustrating to repeat ourselves. Especially with those people who just sign up on the forums to post a question and then take off.

    So given this, a little more thought on the subject, some searching of my own, digging through posts and banging my head off of walls, I'm going to drop this idea. I'll start a "linux for noobs" section on my own site (whenever I feel like bringing it back online :P ), not to be defiant or disrespectful, but as a place we can send newbies who want to learn linux in one place as opposed to many places across the internets. And uh, yeah.

    Damn you and always being right. Oh, and I hate it when you're serious. There's not enough sarcasm.
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    thou shalt treat all computers as thou wouldst treat thyself, for thou art the creator of thine own problems.

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    Default Re: Making a user that has the root appearance BT4

    Nevertheless, I admire your willingness to help others. It's inspirational... Keep it up, Spiidey!

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    Default Re: Making a user that has the root appearance BT4

    I followed the instuctions, My sound works with root, but it doesn't work with the new user. any advice.

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