I am having an issue creating a user that would have the same appearance as the root user. I am using BT4 in a dual boot environment with Win7. When I first installed BT4 Final on my HD with Win7 Ubiquity prompted me for a username and password for a non-root account. I then, later, had to reinstall BT4 due to some mistakes I had made running as root. I had wiped the preexisting BT4 partition and ran Ubiquity again(from the BT4 live-cd). Only this time it did not prompt me for a username and password. Now when I want to run BT4 I have to login as root as my non-root account is not there. I realize that by wiping the partition it erased that user but why didn't Ubiquity prompt me again for a username and password? At any rate, when I create a new user and login with that user I get the default KDE menu without any of the BT4 tools or options. Does anyone know how I would be able to create a new non-root user and make it look like the default root login? I appreciate any information and thank you for looking.