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Thread: Netgear WPN511 and airodump-ng

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    Default Netgear WPN511 and airodump-ng

    Hello there..
    im new to linux and have been trying to crack my wep router for a while now.. started with ipw3945 - no luck, apparently did not support packet injection.. then tried belkin 7020 v5000 and then 9020 v3000uk - same problem..

    now i have netgear wpn511 which is supported by backtrack2 but when im trying to start airodump-ng i get this error:

    ioctl(SIOCSIWMODE) failed: invalid argument
    Error setting monitor mode on wifi0

    oh, forgot to mention when running airmon-ng it sets up a VPN wifi0 and ath0(parrent wifi0)

    any ideas?

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    before doing airodump-ng ,you have to put your card in monitor mode

    try this::

    1) airmon-ng

    2) airmon-ng start wifi0
    if just wifi0 is on the list otherwise do this
    2)airmon-ng stop athX(X is a number)
    3) do the first number 2)
    You should see a list like this
    ath0 (monitor mode)

    and now you can do a airodump-ng ath0

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    You can force the card to monitor mode of your choice!

    Try this Dude

    airmon-ng start wifi0

    wlanconfig ath0 destroy
    ifconfig ath1 up

    iwconfig ath1 mode monitor channel "6"
    Without quotes of course this will force it to channel 6

    So no matter what you choose in airodump, Eg, "airodump-ng --ivs --write sex --channel 1 ath1" the card will use 6 because u have specified the channel 6 command in iwconfig

    Hope this helps

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    Hi all,

    sorry I can't open a new topic outside the newbie area yet.

    I'm working with my Belkin AP and my Netgear WPN511 card.

    I can put it in monitor mode and I followed the steps in Exploitz tutorial to crack a wep when there are no associated clients.

    I encountered the following issue:
    after a long time no arp requests/replies and no packet are sent in aireplay.
    Airodump shows that my wireless card signal has a power of -1
    can that be the issue?

    I mean: maybe I can't use the wpn511 in monitor mode and as an associated client at the same time, and I'm making a very basic mistake here...

    Please help


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