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Thread: Problem installing BT2 on presario 2100

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    Default Problem installing BT2 on presario 2100

    I woud like to ask you if someone of you is using BT2 on Compaq presario 2100.
    I bought this laptop just for BT2, but I can't install BT2 on it
    If someone is using BT2 on presario 2100 , pleas tell me how to do this.

    I would like to make it dual boot with XP and BT2 , if posible , if not than I woud like to install just BT2.

    Pleas help.

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    Mate the following "bought this laptop just for BT2, but I can't install BT2 on it"
    is lame.

    Please give details on what you actually tried to install... just saying it doesnt work.... is a waste of Bits.
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    When I installed BT2 on my presario 2100, I booted from the livecd, set up my partitions from the bash prompt (50M boot, 512M swap, and the rest for install), ran xconf, then startx, and used the graphical installer to install. Everything worked fine on my 2100, all the software worked, all the hardware worked, the wifi worked, not one single problem. I didnt set up dual boot tho, I just started out with a blank unpartitioned hdd.

    Personally I find dual-boot systems do not perform very well on notebooks, its best to just use another hdd for windows & swap hard drives when u wanna use another OS. I have 4 drives set up now, one for BT3, one for WinXPpro, one for Ubuntu, and another for when I feel masochistic and wanna dive myself insane fighting with Sabayon.

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