Hi everyone, just as a note this isn't a post trying to get people to make my choices for me, I just want input from people in the security line of work.

My goals are to become a network security admin / pen tester.

Right now I'm in college for Information Systems Analysis (ISA), and I only really have a semester left (CCNA).

Here is my dilemma:
The college I go to and the others around me don't offer anything security related. Security+ is the most in depth that the ISA program goes into security. The program is really geared for either a Cisco admin or a Windows admin. There is only one Linux class, and it was a joke.

Do you think it would benefit me to take the higher CCNP and VoIP classes and get my Bachelor's or get my Associates, get a job and work on the security stuff more on my own? Right now I have been learning all the security stuff I know from books, me screwing around on my own network, and from the wonderful community here. I plan on taking the Offensive Security course this summer to get me more up to speed on BT.

I can most likely get a job doing software testing and support at a local company that builds rack mounted computers for government and commercial use. While working there I can continue learning on my own or even do security there.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm pretty lost on this. Also, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums, I wasn't too sure on where to put it.