Hi guys, I haven't installed BT3 Beta, I just boot a Live DVD of the USB version each time I want to use it. As such, each time before I use autopwn (via the FastTrack script) I have to install pexpect and sqlite3 (because it's much more reliable than postgres). However, I noticed on the first time I did this (and subsequent times also) that when I try to update, it hangs and never gets there, unless I ping the website first. So as a solution, I have made up a script and included the archives needed for this, so all you have to do (as I do) is carry this 270ish kb archive one a flash drive, and then unzip it, and run the "Install" script each time you start the cd. This will install Pexpect and Sqlite3, then remove the temporary files (to save you that valuable ram if you're into the wireless stuff), and then it starts FastTrack automatically. It's helpful for me, so I guess someone else might find it useful. Enjoy, and let me know if it's useful. The zip files contents are the Install script and the setup files for pexpect and sqlite. (Hope this is the right board to post it on)

Pexpect and Sqlite Install Automation Archive

Can be unzipped with the standard "tar xfz Pexpect-Sqlite-Install-Automation.tar.gz" command, then run the install.