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Thread: Fast-Track V 2.0 RELIZED

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    Default Version 2.0 released

    version 2.0
    * Another big update!
    * Changed slapt-get to 0.9.10.e, should install fine now (thanks Nate)
    * Added an update to Nikto plugins (requested)
    * Bug fixes from previous version, fixed couple issues on mass brute
    * Re-Arranged the update menu a bit..Fast-Track should naturally be 1 right? :P
    * Added a binary to hex copy and paste generator in the external menu..just copy and paste
    the output into a windows shell and it'll create a reverse.exe for ya..obviously need your
    own executable reverse payload...
    * Also added a binary to hex copy and paste generator for Illwill's reverse command shell.
    Its an extremely small executable (checked thoroughly, its clean).. Check the tutorial for
    more information.
    * Fixed a couple small bugs with the binary to hex binary payload injection where it wasn't
    renaming the file properly on some operating systems.
    * Removed portions of the tool from mkdir reports, got annoying to see directory already exists,
    * Added updater for W3AF (Web Application Attack and Audit Framework)
    * Broke out the update menu in fast-track, the first screen is updates only, there is now
    an installation sub-menu in updates...
    * Added "Install Everything" menu, can do bulk install of everything if you want, don't
    need to install each individual one anymore.
    * Added "Update Everything" menu, update metasploit, aircrack, nikto, w3af, and milw0rm
    with a touch of a button...Does not install all the prereqs, thats what the install menu
    is for..
    * From now on, my tools going to be compiled, someone decided to make a GUI without
    ever contacting me or informing me...Nice way to take what I've been working hard on
    and slap his name all over it :P I'm not against this type of stuff, but taking credit
    for someone elses work sucks!
    * Changed some stuff around to break the GUI that other dude made..This is what we call
    a *brick* update
    * Added db_destroy pentest for autopwn (thanks n3cre0)
    * Added an about menu...just some more info and stuff
    * Added a tutorial for Binary to Hex payload generator

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    bro , it's a dam good job, the new sql injector is too cool, specially the string generator , really useful

    let me be the first to thx you
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

    BackTrack :
    Giving Machine Guns to Monkeys since 2006

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    Thanks as always ReL1k for the great tool and hard work. I love the "Brick" update. To cool. Anyway just so I'm clear on the forum I don't want to hear one word mentioned about the GUI or you will face punishment from me.

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    Default Thanks!!

    Thanks guys...Alright some issues with the update, when you update, its a compiled binary now, the ./ no longer works ( need to type python fast-track.pyc instead of ./), so what I did was, created a new that checks for Fast-Track.pyc, if its not there, it downloads it automatically and updates it for you. Everything should work exactly the same and should never notice the difference regardless, but just an FYI, there will be three files now:

    The code for

    checks to see if fast-track.pyc is in the /misc/ directory

    if not then download all the new files, then launch fast-track

    if it is in the directory, just launch fast-track

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!!!

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    Amazing work

    Thank you

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    As always a big thanks

    A great tool just gets better

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    Happy days

    Great tool relik, it really saves me a lot of time and thats really important as all I use are the live distros [without save-changes]. Although I'll be getting a few new computers soon so a HD install is in need

    Keep up the great work!

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    Very nice..!! I couldnt update yesterday, i knew something was going down. fair play to you relik

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    You're the Man Rel1k! I love the "Update Everything" option!
    I felt like bending the bars back, and ripping out the window frames and eating them. yes, eating them! Leaping, leaping, leaping! Colonics for everyone! All right! You dumb*sses. I'm a mental patient. I'm *supposed* to act out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spankdidly View Post
    I love the "Update Everything" option!

    yeah me too, if only i`d of read down that far before going through 1 - 6.


    nice work

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