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Thread: iwconfig ath0 mode moniter

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    Default iwconfig ath0 mode moniter

    i do
    iwconfig ath0 mode moniter
    and it says invalid argument
    i thought maybe something changed so i tryed man iwconfig
    and its the same
    could this be a problem with my built in card?

    i checked in the supported hardware forums and someone said The acer Travelmate 2480 works(my same model)

    and even injection

    but i cannot get sound and i cannot connect to the internet or even change my mode on my wireless cards
    i can up them and see thier status..but cannot use em
    i thought maybe its a fluke and tried airodump-ng -w /tmp/ ath0
    and it told me to up ath0 and set the mode to moniter
    so...yea (stuck in pickle here)
    thanks for any help you have!

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    This topic has been covered i don't know how many times. A simple search should yeid some results.

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    You might wana try iwconfig ath0 mode monitor (not moniter). Good luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
    i do
    iwconfig ath0 mode moniter

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