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Thread: Ati hd4650

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    Default Ati hd4650

    hi i have problem starting bt4 on my laptop
    i installed it on usb but i get no screen error when i enter startx command
    i tried apt-get install backtrack-ati command and installed the driver but this time i get a black screen when i start bt4
    is there a solution to this?

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    Default Re: Ati hd4650

    Yep, if you would have searched the forum a little more, you would have found that the backtrack-ati package is broken. Also, searching for ati will lead you to a workaround for 2d modesetting of the card.

    Here is the link again:

    I only use ATI cards and have several so know that following the guide will work, no ati-stream though. But oh so ever beautiful hi-res.
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