I'm fairly new to the linux scene and I have done the search before coming here to ask a question.

So my question is this, is there any plans to make BT2 or 3 available to install through Unetbootin.

Main reason I ask is the laptop I install various versions of linux on has a faulty CD-ROM and is old enough that the BIOS doesn't support USB Bootup's and the only way to get it installed on there is through unetbootin.

From the previous install I had GRUB loading up giving me the option to choose either the Default distro I have on there or Unetbootin. I've have search also to possibly add the ability to boot off a USB stick even though it isn't supported through the bios but the only way to do that is through a Floppy boot-up (which works as well as the CD-ROM) or through the CD-ROM.

If there is any other way to install BT2 or 3 onto this lappy I'm all ears and any helpful information is appreciated.