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Thread: autopwn stalls

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    Default autopwn stalls

    I am running autopwn for a test drive. It goes through 78 exploits and then starts with some debugging stuff. It stalls at the same spot each time when connecting to the smb service. any ideas?
    [*] Connecting to the SMB service...[*] Binding to 12345778-1234-abcd-ef00-0123456789ab:0.0@n???n_np:[\lsarpc] ...[*] Bound to 12345778-1234-abcd-ef00-0123456789ab:0.0@n???n_np:[\lsarpc] ...

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    Not sure what it is, but I run into that problem too when I do it against my router. Not sure why.
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    Any computer I go up against leaves me stuck in the place. Is something wrong with my settings somewhere. I don't know what it means, but would it help if I switched my payload.

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    Same, I have also encountered this problem several times. I made it scan my network, it got stuck on my router's FTP service, so I just set it up to scan a single host... it got stuck on the FTP server, I turned off the FTP server for a while and it just got stuck on sending a samba exploit.

    Anyone know what the problem is? Could it be that it doesn't timeout?

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    Do you know if there's a way to edit the script to add a timeout or something

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