Just got a 2gb usb pen drive from my dad and wanted to use
one of them for BackTrack 3 Beta of coarse.
Well I formatted the usb Fat32 file system and ran the bootinst.sh.
Rebooted my pc and everything is working perfectly . Except for one thing
that I'm guessing has a simple answer. When I reboot, any changes that I've
done, gets lost. I want the usb to act as a real install.
So first thing I did was do some research on my own.
I found out (from the BackTrack wiki) that in order to save changes, you have to run
dir2lzm /mnt/live/memory/changes changes.lzm
from the terminal. So I tried, but when I rebooted, everything was still rolled back
to default.
Now, is there a way to make the usb act as a real installation? Maybe use the
"Install Backtrack" as real on the usb pen?
Or maybe I'm simply missing something?
What are my options?