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I already answered this question in another post. You are almost getting on my nerves with this express card crap. Also your tone is not exactly very nice. I want, I want. I hear that a lot from dumb a**'s, Well what I would like to know is "What have you Given". Nothing, thats what I thought.

Now if you would have used your brain you would know that the drivers for cards are not created by back track or remote exploit , we simply use them. Again in the other post on the same subject I told you to visit the madwifi site. Did you? Maybe you should whine to them about your stupid express card and see how they react. Backtrack is a cutting edge distro and as soon as the drivers exist I'm sure they will get implanted . Your lucky its Christmas and I'm in a good mood. Have a great day
Im sorry, it wasnt mean to sound angry i dont now why i wrote such a post now when it is christmas but please forgive me

Anyway i was going to order the Ubiquiti SRX card but after all i read it seems that it dont work after all? Or have i just missunderstanding it?