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Thread: Bluesnarfer issue - help anyone

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    Exclamation Bluesnarfer issue - help anyone

    bt dev # bluesnarfer -i -b 00:13:EF:F1:42:96
    bluesnarfer: hci_create_connection failed
    bluesnarfer: unable to get device name
    bluesnarfer: open /dev/rfcomm0, No route to host
    bluesnarfer: bt_rfcomm_config failed
    bluesnarfer: unable to create rfcomm connection
    bluesnarfer: release rfcomm ok


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    I have also tried to connect to my mobile phone through bluebugger and result was the same:

    bt rfcomm # bluebugger -c 7 -a 00:1B:59:3E:7C:8B info
    bluebugger 0.1 ( MaJoMu )

    Target Device: '00:1B:59:3E:7C:8B'
    Target Name: 'Arek'

    tcgetattr failed: Input/output error
    bt_rfcomm_config() failed

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    what you can do with bluesnarfer you can do with minicom.
    use this:
    linux$$: rfcomm connect 0 00:1B:59:3E:7C:8B 1
    (0 is the device =devrfcomm0, and 1 is the channel number)
    and than
    linux$$: minicom -s
    change the device to "devrfcomm0". and than start using AT commands.

    if you don't understand, do some reading on some documents you can find on google.
    google search: rfcomm connect+minicom.

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