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Thread: supported external SD card readers

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    Default supported external SD card readers

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about what kind of sd card reader to buy. I had borrowed a friend's a while back and it didn't work in BackTrack2 (I don't have the thing anymore and no output/dmesg either or else I would paste it). I'd like to get my own but I also really want to be able to access it from BackTrack3. Does anyone know of one that works with BackTrack that they could recommend, preferably USB and one thats able to read other memory cards other than just SD?

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    I have a San Disk MobileMate SD+ that reads mini sd/ sd /microsd /transflash/ mmc/ plus/ mobile/ rs-mmc dv or so it says on the side of it lol! oh and yes its usb
    I use it for micro sd it even came with the micro sd to sd adapter. not sure of the price any more and i think i got it at a rat shack if it helps.
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    In me experience, pretty much any. ALL the USB 2.0 readers I have tried work, all are Multi-Card bar one (CF Only).

    Any card reader will probably adhere to the USB-MSD standard for "plug and play" (USB Mass Storage Device)

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    When I tried to use my Dell Monitor's multicard reader, backtrack couldn't find it's modules.
    I have some more info at

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