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Thread: backtrack 4 kernel configuration

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    Default backtrack 4 kernel configuration

    i'm having problems getting hostapd to function correctly with the mac80211 drivers, so i guess the bt4 kernel wasnt compiled to support mac80211/nl80211 hostapd.. i think my only option is to recompile the kernel.

    is the actual kernel .config in /usr/src/linux-source- or is it somewhere else?

    does anyone know if there is an easier way to make this work? im trying to use ubiquiti src adapter with hostapd..

    on a side note, there are a number of form fields on this forum (for instance the title field when posting a new thread) where the background changes from white to black when the cursor is in it. well with the black text and on a black background, it makes it a pain... im using ff.

    i used the kernel config from /boot/config- which after the patch i got hostapd half working.. looks like i have to upgrade to version 2.6.31.. ima go with 2.6.31-12..
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