Hey I'm a newbie to backtrack my friend a security officer gave me the details about this os and now I'm playing around with it over the holidays to entertain myself and also to gain some valuable knowledge as linux is not what I'm good at just yet but I'm gaining some ground. Nice to meet you all and hopefully I will be fluent soon to answer other people's questions.

So here's my first question I have a backtrack install beta 3 installed in live not real what is the difference? I didn't install the SLAX bootloader when bt3 prompted me too because it says if you have an existing operating system mine is XP it will not take into account that. So what happens when I boot up is that there is no boot screen to choose the operating system of choice it just automatically goes into windows xp. So my question is, was I meant to install SLAX this is lilo right? and if so where is the lilo.conf file to edit xp back so I can edit it for both oses to boot. I've posted this twice but trust I'm not spamming just trying to find out where I can post because I am new to forums.