Hi all. After one great installation of BT2 months ago, i've tried to install BT3. With insuccess. So i've tried to reinstall BT2. With insuccess.

After read again the guides and after a lot of searcg into the net, i've installed properly BT2. But when i restart the machine (an acer laptop) it starts only win xp.

I've tried some times to restore the MBR, with Windows 98 CD, with Windows XP Restore Console... And after the restore, i've tried to install LILO. But with insuccess. LILO reports a generic error, like it can't write the MBR.

How can i work? I'm desperate!

PS: i've windows xp installed on /dev/hda1 and BT2 /dev/hda2.

I've also tried with grub installation with a linux distro (Kubuntu) with insuccess.

Please help me... Or give me the exact procedure to install BT 3, maybe it works... Help.

Thank you a lot.