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Thread: Why BackTrack is so fast?

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    Question Why BackTrack is so fast?

    Why BackTrack is so fast? I would like to work everyday as fast. I use Gentoo on my laptop, but each back|track version on the same hardware is much faster than my distro. Is it caused it's running from livecd and don't read disk so often?

    I have fast internet connection, but on Gentoo in Firefox I have to wait about 1-2 seconds to show the page and whole systems is "heavy" when displaying page. When I type address in backtrack's Firefox I see the page in milliseconds after pressing enter.

    I also see it in konqueror , when i click system on Desktop I have to wait ~ 3seconds and next 3 after clicking storage media. In backtrack I see it much faster after click. Also browsing through folders on hdd is slighly faster.

    How can I make my KDE as slim as backtrack's one?

    Even wine, I checked OllyDbg in backtrack- is starts quite fast, when I run something on wine on my system before it's starts hdd led signalizing reading through about 10-15seconds.

    I have lot programs installed and recently I saw, when i type:
    cd /usr/lib
    It takes a few seconds to show all files. Can it be caused by this or another folder - when system runs some application it search something in different paths, or maybe to much MIME types of installed applications causes it?

    I have almost all my hardware support build in in kernel, is it good practise or better is load it from modules even if hardware is always connected?

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    Back|Track is fast because it is Slackware. Slackware is known throught the communities as being a very fast and lean flavor.

    Of course everything will slow down after a while. you have been using you Gentoo for a while probably, and that is why it is quite a bit slower than BT. Of course like I mentioned BT is running Slack which is even faster that than most Linux flavors.

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    It is also fast because it is not bogged down with services that are unnecessary for everyday use, as backtrack is not intended to be an every use OS.

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