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Thread: Pirana for BT4 or an equivalent tool available ?

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    Default Pirana for BT4 or an equivalent tool available ?

    Hello all,

    As a trainer, I need to use Pirana for a lab. The purpose is to send spam through a firewall and see how we can block it. So I have a note which explains how to configure BT3 with Pirana to do that. The problem is that - as far as I know - , Pirana is only available on BT3, not BT4. Furthermore, BT has to be installed on a VM. I have found BT4 in .vmx but not BT3 any more. So I need one of these 2 solutions :

    - Find BT3 in vmware format (.vmx)
    - Find an analog tool of Pirana for BT4. I'm not really an expert in hacking tools that's why I've posted in "beginners forum". so it would be nice for me to have a tool that have a quite similar way of working than Pirana.

    Thanks for all everybody, best regards.
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