this might belong in the tutorials section or bug reports but i thought it might fit better here since this is not a bug at all but more of an annoyance for newbies.

whenever you startx you get a new authority file in your /root directory. i fixed this for myself in bt2 but since i had to do it again for bt3 i figured i would share it with the community, in case anyone really cares enough to search for it. you can search google with ".serverauth" and find other sites that explain why this happens.

the solution to getting rid of those annoying files in your root folder is to:

1. edit "/usr/bin/startx"
2. search for "$HOME/.serverauth.$$", i just use ".serverauth" and it works for me
3. replace "$HOME/.serverauth.$$" with "$XAUTHORITY" so the whole line should look like "xserverauthfile=$XAUTHORITY"
4. save and you will not have any more ".serverauth.####" files to worry about when you reboot, then you can safely delete the old files.

i would like to thank everyone involved in the backtrack community who has spent so much time and effort creating a wonderful tool package like bt2 & bt3, and also to thank everyone who takes the time to make tutorials and answer questions to help people learn. this little snippet i posted is not much, but i searched for it and couldn't find it on these forums. since i found the answer i wanted to share it and help out even if it's just a little bit.

bt3 is new so i am playing with it to learn the new tricks, but so far i think it's pretty damn cool. party on peeps...